One might ask, why is my skin constantly dry?  There’s probably a plethora of reasons but I’ll focus on one; MOISTURE! Often time, we apply something to our lips based on three senses: taste, sight, and smell which are completely valid. However, moisture plays a vital role to the skin. For years, I wasted money on several popular cosmetic lines to only be left with several tubes of lipgloss and lipstick. Finally, I started eating cleaner food, maintaining my daughters and I natural hair, and skin. Most little girls desire to be like their mommy in some manner and of course, when they see mommy wearing lipgloss, they want to wear lipgloss. I’ll be transparent with you. I think little girls should be little girls, but I had to find a way to help my little girls maintain soft and moisturized lips. While cooking a healthy meal with natural oils, it came to me and when I shared the idea with the girls, they were excited. It’s how we are now able to offer our homemade vegan lip moisturizers and glosses. Thank you for supporting and shopping with us!